Which Toy Will LankyBox Choose? – Claw Craft Game For Kids | LankyBox Channel Kids Cartoon
Foxy ran out of coins to play the claw machine! Can Boxy, Rocky, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Sticky and Canny help create their own DIY craft claw machine in this LankyBox Kids Animated Video!
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Episodes in this video!
0:00 Claw Machine Surprise
2:56 Pretend Vending Machine
5:58 Escape Rainbow Maze
9:05 Paint Brush Colors The World
12:16 Take Care of Baby Foxy

About LankyBox Channel:
LankyBox Channel engages children preschool age to age 12. Enjoy the adventures of Foxy, Boxy, Rocky, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Sticky and Canny as they explore the world around them during kid friendly episodes. Children will learn about sharing, colors, numbers, healthy habits, professions for kids, art projects, DIY crafts, and much more throughout our videos!

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