Let’s face it, any sitcom about a family sharing a surname with a notorious serial killer is going to be dark. But for those craving that type of humor, “Married… With Children,” was the perfect antidote for the more wholesome family fare of “Full House” and “Growing Pains.” The majority of the guest stars seen on the show over the years are also still around — but some of them have since passed on. From former child stars to legendary athletes and even a former pastor turned comedian — here’s a look at some of the more popular personalities no longer with us who briefly shared the screen with a family that put the “fun” into absolutely “dysfunctional.” Here are the Stars from Married… With Children you didn’t know died.

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Michael Clarke Duncan | 0:00
Gary Coleman | 1:17
Tim Conway | 2:30
Dom DeLuise | 3:40
Kathleen Freeman | 4:49
Waylon Jennings | 5:52
Tawny Kitaen | 7:03
Alan Thicke | 8:20
B.B. King | 9:43
Fred Willard | 11:01
Tammy Wynette | 12:32
Sam Kinison | 13:51
Pat Morita | 15:04
Bubba Smith | 16:21

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