Have you ever spread shaving cream on your carpet? – Here I show you why you should do that and what this does!

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If you think you can use shaving cream only for shaving, then you are absolutely wrong! Shaving cream can be used for many things, especially cleaning around the house. One thing you can clean wonderfully with shaving cream is the carpet! Because this has stains or is generally very dirty, shaving cream ensures that this is cleaned again.

To achieve this, you take shaving foam, preferably the normal without dyes. Then you spread some of it on your carpet or just directly on the stain. Now work the whole thing in a bit. Take a cotton towel and wipe over the carpet until the shaving foam is worked in. If you have a long pile carpet, you can also massage the shaving foam in a little, so that it really reaches every fiber and is distributed everywhere.

Now leave the whole thing to work in for a while. For smaller stains only one to two hours, and for larger stains also overnight. After the reaction time you should then remove the shaving foam with a brush. If there is still some shaving foam or dirt on the carpet, you can quickly vacuum it up. After that, the stain should be gone again and your carpet shines completely new, thanks to the shaving foam.

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