When a famous figure goes missing, there are always conspiracy theorists who like to suggest that they met a sinister demise. Sometimes the theories have a basis in truth, while other times, people are just believing what they want to believe.

On the other hand, if a scientist goes missing, it’s understandable that some people think they vanished for knowing too much. Maybe they were researching something huge that they were going to tell the world about, or maybe they just made some bad choices while hiking, but all of these scientists just disappeared. Let’s take a look at some scientists who went missing and were never found.

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Vladimir Alexandrov | 0:00
Boris Weisfeiler | 1:11
Peng Jiamu | 2:17
J.C.P. Williams | 3:43
Thomas A. Mutch | 4:48
Dor Bahadur Bista | 5:36
Jim Gray | 6:21
Ernst Priesner | 7:41
Percy Fawcett | 8:22
Vladimir Rusanov | 9:35

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