Prince Charles was born on November 14, 1948 as the first in line to the British throne. As you might expect, that has led to him leading a pretty well-publicized life, even before the internet was invented. Even some of the most intimate details of his life are well-known to millions around the world, and the course of his life can be easily traced from his lonely childhood to his messy bachelor days to his eventual role as elder statesman of the palace. But that doesn’t mean you know everything about the prince: here’s why Prince Charles’ transformation is causing a stir.

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A lonely childhood | 0:00
The young Prince Charles | 1:13
Bullied at boarding school | 2:15
Hitting the books | 3:36
Environmentalism | 4:19
Joining the military | 5:10
The bachelor years | 5:55
Lacking romance | 6:44
Trouble with fatherhood | 7:54
Affair and divorce | 8:47
Princess Diana’s death | 9:39
Married at last | 10:10

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