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Mere Damad – Episode 50 [ Washma Fatima – Humayun Ashraf ] 20th March 2023 – HUM TV
Mere Damad revolves around Sajeela Begum, her daughter’s and their husbands. Will by treating them like sons create a divide between her and her daughters? What has fate in store for them?

Written by Abdul Khaliq Khan and Rakhshanda Rizvi
Directed by Nain Maniar

A Production of Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions


Shagufta Ejaz
Humayun Ashraf
Washma Fatima
Kamran Jilani
Zahlay Sarhadi
Danial Khan
Paras Masroor
Sukaina Khan
Farhan Malhi
Alizeh Zaid
Farha Nadir
Kinza Malik
Abdul khaliq khan
Nain Maniar


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