kannada movies full Adrushta Rekhe – ಅದೃಷ್ಟ ರೇಖೆ (1989/೧೯೮೯) *ing Kashinath, Amrutha (HP), Sudheer, Doddanna, Chi Ravishankar, Shivaprakash, Ramamurthy, Sihikahi Chandru, Aravind, Mysore Lokesh, Srishailan, Venkatesh
Director Renuka Sharma
Associate Director Madhukar Belakavadi
Music Shankar-Ganesh
Cinematography V Prabhakar
Editor K Balu
Stunts Ambur Babu
Choreography Saleem
Art B Nagaraja Rao
Costume Ramanath
Makeup Cheluvaraju
PRO D V Sudheendra, Ramamurthy
Stills Jayadev

Sunderaja a young educated but unemployed individual who is known as an unlucky charm in his surrounding. Shamala is a rich but unhappy girl in her beautiful palace because of her bad fate. They both decide to give up their lives and commit suicide. When the time draws near they both give up the idea of Suicide and give their life a second chance. The climax is how the two make their life worth living. #kannada

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