Based out of Ontario, Canada, Tweed and its sister company Tweed Farms are two of the largest marijuana cultivation facilities in North America.

This video takes a rare look behind the scenes of the former Hershey’s Chocolate Factory to see how Tweed harvests over 400,000 plants a year using the Satellite bud trimmer from EZTRIM.


We have an indoor grow which is called Tweed in Smiths Falls and it’s in a former Hersey Chocolate factory. So as soon as you mix chocolate with marijuana on this scale there’s interest. So people came up with terrific lines. I think the best is “Now I know why the Oompa Loompas were so happy!” And so really that was our beginning of what allowed us to get footing.

And then we just kept evolving the story by becoming the first publically traded federally approved marijuana company in North America. And so the reason we brought EZTRIM up is that platform is 340,000 square feet. So as you can imagine 340,000 square feet it’s not hard to picture at any one point in time 100,000 plus plants in production. And so if you’re going to process 3 or 4 turns a year you’re talking 3 or 4 hundred thousand plants that need to be processed.

We measure the room in its productivity in how many grams per second are produced. So when you’re thinking how many grams in a second are being produced you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your machines or your machines become a choke point. And so that dialogue turned into this visit which I think is helping us hone in our skills on how the machine should be used and how to most efficiently get that value from the assets that we have.

My name is Dan. I work for Tweed and I’m the processing supervisor. Using the EZTRIM Satellite trimmer helps us to produce more product than we would hand trimming with more consistency and quality. With hand trimming you get variability from person to person and variability in time from person to person. So the Satellite helps us to speed things up and the consistency and quality from run to run. The potential of the Satellite trimmer is to help us go through harvest quicker ad getting out product to market, to our customer to get their medications quicker. Out of all the trimmers we’ve been looking at, the Satellite trimmer seems to be the most efficient, best in speeding up productivity. Facebook

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