Episode 56: खुद की Identity से Home Cooks Fill करेंगे Party Platter
From today, the race to finale starts in MasterChef India, Kamaldeep Ji gets her apron back as she will be playing in the competition as well. Today’s challenge is not a single one but is two in number. Chef Garima presents our home cooks with a party platter that is incomplete. The home cooks have to fill this party platter with dishes that reflect their identity. Watch the episode to know more.

Show Name: MasterChef India
Cast: Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, Garima Arora
Episode: 56
Director: Neeraj Shetty
Producer: Endemol Shine India

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About MasterChef India:
A nationwide quest to find the best ‘home cook’ draws out some of the most brilliant chefs from across India. The judges sample recipes from various cuisines that the contestants prepare in their search for India’s ‘MasterChef’.

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खुद की Identity से Home Cooks Fill करेंगे Party Platter | MasterChef India-Ep 56|Teaser| 20 Mar 2023

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